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How to Catch a Big Fish

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Ein SommerShorty. Hemingway cut up. Enjoy the Loch!

foto: sax

„We used to suffer and act as though everybody was against us. That´s the natural way to be. The other is discipline or good sense when you learn. We started to be polite because we found we couldn´t catch fish being rude and excited. And if we did, it wasn´t any fun. So we talked it over and decided we´d be polite no matter what. Now we always fight them politely.“ –

„I´ll be polite“, the boy said. „Do you think we can get the fish?“ –

„Let´s not talk about it.“ –

„Have I said something wrong again?“ –

„No. Only it seems bad luck to talk that way.“ –

„Am I bothering you, Papa, talking so much?“ –

„Of course not, my boy.“ –

He was holding to the rail of the bridge and looking aft as his father was and his father put one hand on his shoulder. It was salty from the sea water. The salt was very fine and felt faintly sandy under his hand. Then it struck.

„It is a hell of a fish!“

(Cuts, re-arranged, from Islands in the Stream by E. Hemingway)

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