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Gabbi WernerGirl Friday – the Book of Bad 33. The Chapel

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I can do any city alone, except Frankfurt. I did a day in a Cologne chapel.

 Welcome. To the stories I told in many hotelrooms. To a man who had trouble falling asleep. A business deal. He paid for my words.

Here they are.


Maiko took over the conversation. „She doesn’t strike me as vain. Shy, yes. Timid. Self-conscious, definitely, but a narcissist? You are my dear friend. And maybe you want her to be like you.“-

„That must be it, Maiko. I want her to be like me. A girly me. But she isn’t. Is she like you?“

Maiko said he didn’t think so.

„Good, that´s settled then. She is herself, about Cologne. Shall we drive there now, or early in the morning?“ –
I asked what was on in Cologne.
„We go there. Shouldn’t take too long. I think we will get back tomorrow night, day after, latest.“ –
Was R. leaving me here ? Any city I could do alone, but not here, not Frankfurt.
 „What are you going to do there?“
The question sounded silly.
„Business. You know. Thats what we do, remember? Make money. So that I can pay you for your little stories?“
„Sure that´s what you are making the money for.“
„Well, you do cost some: Ticket, you always have your own room. The food. Your fee. I kid you not!“ –
Maiko found it all very funny. He became interested in the stories as well.
„So, you tell stories to R. Is that the right way to describe your work for him?“
„Eh, yes,  I do tell him stories.“
 „Does he pay you well?“
R. obviously didn´t like the line of questioning anymore.
„We have a fair and square deal and this one is none of your business. She does a good job with what she does. But she does eat way too little.“
The conquest of immortality. How buildings reflect the search of the elixir of youth.
Ursula chapel, Cologne, daytime, December. We drove to Cologne by car. Early in the morning. I had no desire to stay alone in Frankfurt for  8 minutes or more. Maiko sat in the front of the car, next to R. They sped along the highway and talked a lot.
They had a meeting in a hotel near the station, so I just went for a walk.
I found a church. There are many of them in Cologne, the Dome of course, but I mean a different church. I ended up spending the entire day there, in the chapel of Saint Ursula. In the Golden Chamber, to be precise.
The walls are covered with mosaics of bones and skulls and guilded busts of the Holy Ursula and her virgin adepts. The walls reach up high, bones and more bones where ever you turn your head.
Legend has it that Ursula, a devout catholic, was engaged to be married to the King of England, a pagan. He loved her so dearly that he converted to Christianity, leaving Ursula with no option but to approve of the betrothal. Before the wedding, however, she set out with a group of female followers on a pilgrimage to Rome. She felt it her obligation to do so, her pilgrimage was the barter for the sins her future husband had committed by not having chosen the only true path of religion before. In Rome, she had a dream that she and her group would be killed brutally by the Huns. This premonition did in no way deter her from the journey home. Ursula felt that this was her destiny, and her female companions went with her. The women left for Cologne and, as the story has been told for centuries now, she and her virgin army were indeed massacred. The leader of the Huns had offered to spare them, if Ursula would marry him instead of the English king, but she refused. Ursula and the 11 thousand virgins  were slaughtered in a brutal way. Their heads were cut off, arrows shot through their bodies, they were left in a field to bleed to death. The site of the onslaught is, so does the church want us to believe, where the chapel was built.

To be Continued. Next Friday. Every Friday. From 09.00h.

Link to German Translation: click  Girl Friday – Buch des Bösen 33. Die Kapelle

Artwork: Gabbi Werner

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