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Gabbi WernerGirl Friday – the Book of Bad 32. Dinner For Three

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When you have dinner with two men, it is hard to join the conversation. It is hard to do smalltalk when all they do is talk about you.

Welcome. To the stories I told in many hotelrooms. To a man who had trouble falling asleep. A business deal. He paid for my words.

Here they are.


Frankfurt, Hotel Hessischer Hof.

Back in my hotel room, I put the necklace in the safe. Until it was time for dinner I leafed through the magazines  I had bought for R. and read the Dutch newspaper. I had not thought of having the fountain pen gift-wrapped for him. I needed wrapping paper. I took the newspaper, teared out one page and packed the pen into it. At 19.30 R. called and told me we would have dinner straight away, he was already in the restaurant. I changed into a dress, took the parcel with the fountain-pen and went downstairs. The restaurant had dozens and dozens of tables. All were set with baroque tablewear. Every wall in the room was covered with glass cabinets. The dinner plates were hung in these cabinets. Very consistent decorating.
R. was sitting at a table with another man. They were talking. When he saw me he got up from his chair and shouted: „Hey puppet, there you are, meet my friend Maiko!“
The other guests looked up and then went on with their conversations and with their food.
„Maiko and I still need to go over some stuff, but get yourself something nice to eat.“
He waved for a waiter, who brought me the menu. Maiko looked at me for an instance too long and gave me a wan smile.
„Maiko is my main man when it comes to the hard deals, and we need to close this one before someone else gets a hand on the contract. But as long as you are here we will do a little small talk. She can smalltalk  so well this girl, and big-talk too.“ They both grinned.
I desperately tried to think of a polite question to ask this Maiko, but I could not think of anything reasonable to say. I just asked them whether they had been colleagues for a long time.
„Oh, we go way back.“ R. said. Maiko nodded affirmatively. They seemed to get along well.
„When business goes smooth, I refine the process a little, polish things up nicely. The tough deals, thats were Maiko comes in. He also polishes up. Very nicely.“
They both laughed. The waiter came to take my order. I asked for a salad and gnocchi. I still had the gift on my lap, but I did not want to give it to R. as long as he had company. I realised it was not a gift, as he had paid for it himself. I wanted the fountain pen to vanish.
„Eats like a bird this one does.“ Maiko all of a sudden said. „Why are you eating so little, is the food not comforting for you?“
R. interrupted Maiko.
„Come to think of it, I never saw her eat one single bite before. Tea, coffee, cigarettes, thats more her diet, isn´t it?“
I answered that I did eat.
Maiko said that I should only eat what I liked and when I liked it. „Ah well“, R. said, „yes, she should. As long as it is not her way of getting attention. You know, crying out in hunger. For attention.“ He laughed. „She is a bit vain, you know.“
 I had no idea where this came from all of a sudden. „What do you mean?“ I asked.
 „Ah, you know, what´s that word, the one with the vain as in a mental disease?“
I said nothing, but Maiko was more than happy to answer for me. „You mean the greek legend of Echo and Narcissus. A narcissist.“
R. was completely happy with the answer.
„Yes. A narcissist. Are you one? I think you are. Yes. You must be.“
I said I was not, but the moment I said it he had me doubting, and I feared by denying I had just admitted to be guilty as charged.
R. continued: „I am sure you know exactly how you look. And how men look at you. Always aware that they do look. They stare. You want them to stare. You want them to find you pretty. To want you. Maybe not for sex. But to see you. For who you think you are.  You are exactly that kind of girl. A girl who is always caught by her own pretty little face. Every window you pass, you look into. You first see your mirror image and then maybe you notice the products they are selling. Every mirror you have to look in. Check if your make-up is still in place. See if there isn’t a little smudge. When was the last time you looked in a mirror like that? Surely, you don’t remember when that was. Because it all just happens without you noticing it.“
The wrapping paper of the gift in my lap was completely crumpled and wet. I tried to think of something to say to steer the conversation away from what had happened to me the day before. When I saw the bloody reflection in the painting at the museum. Because that was the last time I actually had tried to check my make-up. And I remembered very well.

To be Continued. Next Friday. Every Friday. From 09.00h.

Link to German Translation: click  Girl Friday – Buch des Bösen 32. Dinner für drei

Artwork: Gabbi Werner

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