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Gabbi WernerGirl Friday – the Book of Bad 28. Ladies Prefer Platinum

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The jeweller showed me a ruby-encrusted platinum necklace, it was 200 000 Euros. I had no idea what to do. But I had his credit card.

Welcome. To the stories I told in many hotelrooms. To a man who had trouble falling asleep. A business deal. He paid for my words.

Here they are.


The gift. For R.´s wife. I was hungry but could not eat. The gift was bothering me. I had no idea what to do. I did not dare to not get a present now, since I had already used the credit card for myself. I went into an expensive looking street and looked at the people shopping.  They obviously were used to this. A look of slight boredom on their faces, a hint of a smile, never too exited. Carrying bags with labels of all the brands we know through their unstoppable advertising. These people actually did buy clothes or accessories of those brands. I had never realised that people would do that. I followed two women in fur coats for a bit. They should know a good jeweller, I figured. In and out of shops they went. I would wait outside, sometimes looking into the shops. If one of them tried a new sweater or coat, I would light a cigarette and sit on a bench.

I became a shop detective, but in a different way than the one that once had followed me when I was about fourteen. That guy had freaked me out. I loved going into the best shop our city had. Look at fabrics, read magazines, enjoy the colours of the displayed goods, all arranged so beautifully. The shop detective must have thought I was a thief, it was in my early days of being a punk. He followed me through the store. If I took an elevator up, so would he. If I took an escalator down, he was right behind me. He was not there every time I went to the shop. But when he was, my heart started beating faster and faster. I was scared of the guy. Even though I did not do anything wrong. Maybe he was just a pervert, getting off on young girls.

I finished my cigarette and kept on following the women. They collected more and more bags. Some of the shops knew these women pretty well, they would be greeted with kisses on the cheeks. A cup of coffee would be presented, or a glass of champagne. The staff in all the shops had exactly the same expression on their faces as the women had – a wan smile, a slightly raised eyebrow, as if they were lightly sedated members of a secret club. The women left the street. Each of them went to her car, both had a BMW. They put the shopping bags on the back seat and drove off. My plan had failed.

I went back to the expensive street. Entered the first jewellery store I saw. A guy went up to me. If he could be of assistance. Wan smile but no recognition. He immediately recognised me for a non-shopper. I made up a story about being R.´s personal assistant. The guy helped me out as much as he could. He asked me how old R.´s wife was. I had to guess. I said she was 41. What her colour was. I did not understand the question. Did he mean her complexion, or the colour of her hair? The salesman explained that some women prefer gold, and others silver. Silver as in Platinum, not as in the material, the guy explained. It had to do with whether they wanted to appear cool or hot. Or cool with a hot core. And if they preferred silver, which obviously was for the cool type, the platinum would be there to add the hot core element. If she was under fifty, the guy went on, diamonds  would not be so much appreciated, unless she did not have a lot of taste. If she was a sporty type, the metal itself should be smooth and the stones should be encrusted instead of laid in. Pearls were for widows, but rubies could be nice, maybe a necklace with rubies and blood coral. It was his personal favourite of the season. He showed me a golden necklace with rubies and some polished blood coral. I looked at the price tag. It was nearly 200.000 Euros. I was shocked. I had not known that you could buy a necklace which costs this much. Was this what R. had in mind? I didn´t know what to decide. In the end I declined and said that this necklace might be way too much. I explained that it was allowed to be a bit more casual. The salesman became far less enthusiastic and showed me a platinum necklace with a pendant that had a sapphire surrounded by a couple of pearls and some diamonds. His whole theory of age, teint, taste or widowhood did not seem to matter to him any more. The necklace still cost more than ten thousand Euros but, for him, I had just demoted myself from an A-list customer to a mere nuisance. I asked him if he would gift wrap the necklace and he sullenly obliged.

I took a taxi back to the hotel, no way I dared walk the streets with such valuables in my handbag.  I looked out of the cab. On one street some guy was hanging up posters. He had covered the street nicely; every tree, every lamppost and some walls were covered with his slightly crumpled posters. They were designed like the old Rote Armee Fraktion posters: a red star and gun emblem. The logo was covered in handwriting saying: ALLES MUSS WEG!

Everything must go.

To be Continued. Next Friday. Every Friday. From 09.00h.

Link to German Translation: click  Girl Friday – Buch des Bösen 28. Platin bevorzugt

Artwork: Gabbi Werner

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