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Gabbi WernerGirl Friday – the Book of Bad 04. How To Have An Affair In Barcelona

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There would be an affair and it could happen only once in a lifetime – Here and Now, live in Barcelona.

Welcome. To the stories I told in many hotelrooms. To a man who had trouble falling asleep. A business deal, men usually pay for different services in hotelrooms. He just paid for my words. Here they are.


The Majestic Hotel, Barcelona in Fall. There was no way of getting used to the travelling and storytelling. Worst was the boredom overtaking me every time I was in a strange city for no other reason than pouring out words, avoiding any personal question to R. I would make up a story or tell a true one, he did not care so much either way. I would gush out my words and then leave.

Next destination was Barcelona. My boyfriend had to be there, too, going to a molecular cooking workshop by a god somewhat lesser than Ferran Adriá. The workshop sounded good
and we were happy we could travel together. I imagined this could be our future – me telling stories, him learning how to cook better and better. He was booked into another hotel, cheaper, more on the outskirts of the city.
It was clear to me he would sleep over at my hotel, that one night we were both there. We found it hilarious. A secret mission.
In the weeks before the trip, we started planning our escapade. We decided it would be funny enough to keep the room reservations as they were. We would pretend to meet each other, not knowing who we were nor having had that history of being in love and together for four years.
It would be fate that would bring us together, once more. I would be a secretary having an affair with her boss, he a drummer of a band. Or an ex drummer. The ex drummer of Oasis. No one knows what he looks like, right? The only two people one can remember are those Brothers With The Eyebrows.
We would be there, in Barcelona. We would meet. That was the one thing we planned. The date, time and address of our meeting. Whilst making this affair up, we´d start to steal an occasional kiss. Or, all of a sudden, find ourselves holding hands as we walked on the street figuring out the details.
We promised ourselves that after this night our new selves would never see each other again. And that, once we had returned to Amsterdam, it would never be mentioned to one another, nor to our friends.
The preparations were fun. I bought myself a secretary outfit and hid the clothes and shoes in a cupboard where my boyfriend could not find them.
He had left three days before me and would be back when I still had to work for R. With my boyfriend with me, I figured, I would do great on the story telling, I would have so much fun, I could even tell R. About the adventures that for once were for real, without letting him in on how true they were.
At the airport, I changed into my new clothes, pinned my hear in a bun, put on glasses, and started to walk briskly, purposeful. I was a secretary with an affair now.
That was something!
The Majestic was huge, with this overpowering entrance hall, a bar with a live piano player. It had a terrace on the roof, swimming pool and massage included, from where I could overlook the whole city. That was most of what I saw of the city that time.
I do not think that Barcelona and I will ever be close friends.

After checking in and checking out the room, I went downstairs to reception to find out how to get to the designated address to go to my affair. The clerk at the reception gave me two notes, one a message from my boyfriend. The course was taking much longer than he had expected, he was not going to make it, he would come straight to my hotel later that afternoon.
The other note was from R. He would be in meetings until at least ten o clock, maybe later, dinners could go on for hours in Barcelona. But I was free to do some shopping. This note was accompanied by an envelope filled with the amount of money I normally spend in a month.
I think I only spent a little money on some tea, and from my own money I bought some make up.
It was a really hot summer day, cool make up was needed, I would get some and then go to our rendezvous place anyhow.
I felt very strange. Meeting two men in the same hotel for different reasons. This was no menage a trois. However, it was surely a bit messy. And I wanted to see the mess with my own eyes.

To be continued. Next friday. Every friday.

Link to German Translation: click Girl Friday – Buch des Bösen 04. Affäre in Barcelona

Artwork: Gabbi Werner

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